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Today's cars are some of the safest and most efficient ever built. But they are also some of the most complicated.  Computerized components, air bag modules and advances in unibody construction make collision repairs to modern cars more difficult.  On-going training is a necessity in the collision repair industry.  As vehicle design becomes more complex, repairing them requires more technical expertise than ever before.

Barillaro Collision technicians have attended many conferences to keep them updated and trained in the latest repair techniques.  Many of the training that Barillaro Collision employees have undergone  include: I-CAR training, ASE training, 3M Arms training, ASA seminars, BASF Color Matching, BASF Vision Plus training, ADP estimate training and ADP Photolink training. Along with these training seminars, employees attended educational seminars for Collision Shop Management, Organizational Management, Office Procedures and Insurance Partners' Training.

As the automobile industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, training is essential to keep up with the technological advances. Barillaro Collision helps to assure customers and insurance carriers that its staff is trained in the latest techniques and state of the art technology in collision repair.


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