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Barillaro Collision of  Meriden, ConnecticutInsurance Carrier Approval

By building and gaining relations with insurance carriers, Barillaro Collision has developed a dedicated insurance program with many companies. This program not only benefits the insurance carriers, but also the the consumer base.

The Direct Repair Program (DRP), enables Barillaro Collision to greater understand the insurance carriers' needs in the claims process and to keep open, frequent communication.  In working with numerous insurance carriers nationwide, both Barillaro Collision and the insurance carriers have discovered the efficiencies of a streamlined, proactive business relationship. This has resulted in the elimination of multiple appraisals, effective scheduling of production and an overall improved repair experience for the customer.

The Direct Repair Program is a non-discount, mutually beneficial partnership designed to meet the needs of the "shared" customer. It is a long-lasting relationship built on trust, ethics and integrity and is not designed as a short-term agreement. Barillaro Collision works with insurance carriers who share the same goals in meeting customers' needs and who want a long-term business relationship.

This improved relationship between the insurance industry and the collision repair center benefits all parties involved, but most importantly, it ensures a positive repair experience for our customer.


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